Two New 7 Grain Low-Carb Breads That Actually Taste Fantastic

Filed under: New Product — @ September 16, 2008

All the things you like about bread–without all the carbs!

If I’ve heard one major complaint over and over again about the healthy low-carb lifestyle over the years, it has got to be one thing–I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT BREAD! People throw that up in my face as their excuse for NOT livin’ la vida low-carb and yet they fail to realize how incredibly myopic their line of thinking is. Why? Well, if you haven’t noticed it before, there are LOTS of low-carb bread options available on the market today for people who don’t want all the sugar and white flour that comes with traditional breads. So now what’s your excuse?

They’ve still got a few: “Oh, but those breads are so disgusting I could never put that stuff in my mouth! They’re so dry, crumbly, and taste like cardboard, who would ever want to eat it?” I will concede that the low-carb breads that came out a few years back during the whole “low-carb craze” movement that hit America were not exactly something you would desire to consume on any diet, but times have changed for the better now. The bakeries that create quality breads listened to what we wanted in a low-carb bread and have delivered–BIG TIME!

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