Comment Clicking Crashing Your Computer? Update Your IE Software!

Filed under: Events — @ September 22, 2008

When I finally made the decision to shell out some money and move my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog to my own server last month, it was a major turning point for the future of what I am doing to share about the positive benefits of the healthy low-carb lifestyle for many more years to come. But there have been a few minor glitches that a few of you have reported to me, including one that has recurred over and over again with enough readers that it bears mentioning in a blog post.

While reading the blog seems to be no problem, it’s the comment section that has caused some unnecessary headaches for some people. The following is just one example of the kind of e-mails I have received about an error message that shuts down their web browser:

Lately I’m having a problem reading the comments at your blog site. I click on the comments button, the comments appear on the screen and almost at the same time I get a message that Internet Explorer encountered a problem and has to shut down. Has anyone else reported this problem to you?

Actually, I’ve probably received 25 such e-mails in the past couple of weeks, so something has gone awry it seems. Since I am paying a company to watch over my blog to protect it from hackers and spammers, I asked my IT contact to see if he could look into all of these complaints. And after hearing from so many with the same problem, he figured out what the issue was–old versions of Internet Explorer.

Here’s what he wrote for me to share with anyone else having “comment” problems:

I’ve been using Internet Explorer 7, the latest update of the web browser, to try to replicate this error message with the comments. Are you using Windows XP? If so, please install the latest software updates immediately. Internet Explorer 6 has many outstanding un-patched security holes. Your machine is AT RISK by using IE6. You are probably several dozen major security patches out of date. IE6 has been completely replaced by Internet Explorer 7.

Go to UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE immediately and you will probably have to install updates, reboot, and go back to that site to get more updates several times. When you finish doing that, then your computer should be updated to the software it needs to navigate Jimmy’s new blog without any trouble whatsoever. Thank you!

Does that make sense everyone? If you have any questions, just lemme know. Hopefully this resolves the great “comments” computer-crashing mystery that has afflicted so many of you. And, as always, THANK YOU for reading my blog and supporting the work I am doing there.


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