NYC Mandates ‘Healthy’ Foods Served By Government Food Service Staff

Filed under: In The News — @ September 24, 2008

NYC mayor once again trying to set the example for healthy living

One of the biggest trends over the past couple of years on the business side of health has been the move away from the use of trans fat in products and putting calorie counts of menu items served at restaurants. KFC eliminated trans fat from their restaurants with great fanfare as have quite a number of other chains wanting to get in on the bandwagon of this “healthy” trend. While I certainly think eliminating trans fat from your diet is indeed good for you to do, I don’t think it’s the government’s business to tell you what you can and cannot eat. That’s why I was very critical of New York City public health officials leading the charge against trans fat in 2006 because quite frankly it isn’t their job to legislate what a healthy diet is supposed to be.

Well, now they’re back at it again in New York City where Mayor Michael Bloomberg has just announced a new “formal food standard” executive order set by the City’s Food Policy Task Force last week which requires all city schools, senior centers, homeless shelters, child care centers, after school programs, correctional facilities, public hospitals, parks, and any other government-related entity within the city limits to accomplish three specific health goals with the menu selections where food is served:

1. Less frying of the foods
2. Less salt in the foods
3. More fruits and veggies on the menu

Click here to find out why I think this new edict from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a very BAD idea and how it is the perfect example why the government should NOT get involved in legislating changes in health behaviors.


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