Is A Zero-Carb Or Low-Carb Diet Appropriate For Someone Who Is Pregnant?

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ September 30, 2008

Zero-carb diets and pregnancy–crazy or what a healthy baby needs?

Sometimes the most interesting topics of discussion for me to blog about just sorta happen. Such is the case with what I am about to share with you today. It all started when one of my moderators at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Discussion” forum named Charles Washington, an avid zero-carb advocate and personal follower, posted his thoughts based on the research he has conducted in response to another member who had recently become pregnant.

Unfortunately, this didn’t sit too well with someone who read this thread in my forum and decided to sign up at my forum as a pretend character named “Ogg.” After a few days of ridiculous and nonsensical posts about this miracle diet of just yak and water, the truth came out: “Ogg” didn’t like that Charles was recommending a zero-carb diet for pregnant women.

When I finally did hear directly from this person, I assured her Charles was not offering any medical advice, but simply sharing from his own research, experiences, and what respected low-carb doctors such as Dr. Barry Groves and Dr. James Carlson have both said previously regarding low-carb diets and pregnancies. She said she didn’t have a problem with “low-carb and pregnancy,” but rather a ZERO-carb diet and pregnancy. Since I have the ability to contact Dr. Groves and Dr. Carlson directly, the woman formerly known as “Ogg” requested that I ask them the following question:

“Is it safe for unborn and newborn babies if their Moms to eat nothing but store bought meat, animal fat and water — and nothing else — for the entire duration of the pregnancy?”

Click here to read what these two well-known low-carb health experts had to say about zero-carb dieting and pregnancy as well as what a mainstream prenatal care expert and popular low-carb blogger have to say about this. Get in on the discussion: is a zero-carb or even a low-carb diet appropriate for someone who is pregnant?


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