Another 2008 Israeli Study Validates Insulin Control Of Low-Carb Diets

Filed under: Study — @ October 8, 2008

The brand new hub for the very latest in low-carb research is not in the United States, Canada, Australia, or even the UK. It’s the country of Israel where some rather powerful new studies supporting the low-carbohydrate nutritional approach for health have come out this year. You’ll recall this The New England Journal Of Medicine from July where Israeli researchers found their low-carb study participants experienced a significant increase in their HDL “good” cholesterol, a noticeable decrease in their triglycerides, amazing improvements in the A1C and C-reactive protein levels, and more weight loss than the beloved low-fat diet.

Now we have yet another incredible low-carb study from Israel published in the September 29, 2008 issue of the scientific journal Acta P


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