Jason’s Deli Becomes The First HFCS-Free Restaurant Chain In America

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Jason’s Deli becomes the first American restaurant chain to eliminate HFCS

Last year in my local Spartanburg, South Carolina neighborhood I saw a brand new restaurant go up (yeah, so what else is new these days, right?), but this one seemed a little different. It was a place called Jason’s Deli and I immediately tuned it out of my head because I thought all they served there was sandwiches. As a result, we didn’t try the restaurant out until last month when my church’s new choir director hosted a meet-and-greet social there with the choir members (Christine sings alto and I sing tenor in our church choir).

When I walked into Jason’s Deli, I couldn’t help but notice that is was indeed a rather unique dining experience unlike your typical restaurant of this type. While Subway, Blimpies, and the others in the “deli” category are doing their thing to distinguish themselves as a healthy alternative to typical fast food, Jason’s Deli took it even one step further. I was highly impressed by their commitment to remove trans-fats and MSG from their menu in 2005 in addition to offering fresh organic foods instead of the cheap stuff that seems to dominate the food industry in modern-day society.

That attention to detail that first caught my attention last month has been taken to an entirely new and exciting level that I’m pleased to share with you today. The Beaumont, TX-based Jason’s Deli officially announced today that they have completely eliminated high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from its expansive menu in all of its stores nationwide. Did you hear that? NO MORE HFCS AT JASON’S DELI! This is huge, people, since high fructose corn syrup is in EVERYTHING these days.

CLICK HERE to read more about this historic decision by the owners of Jason’s Deli, find out why they decided to take this action now, and enter the contest for your chance to win some FREE gift certificates to support the first HFCS-free restaurant chain in America.


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