Atkins Nutritionals Catches Up With Low-Carb Blogger Jimmy Moore

Filed under: In The News — @ November 1, 2008

Atkins Nutritionals interviewed me about how my low-carb lifestyle is going

I have a rather unique opportunity within the low-carb community of interviewing lots of people in the world of diet and health through my twice-weekly podcast show, but it is a rarity when I get to be interviewed by someone else. But it has happened from time to time, including with Cindy Swanson, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Steve Yu for INSPIRED: The Movie, Orato, Connie Bennett and Jim Foster at And Laura Dolson from About Low-Carb Diets just finished up an interview with me that will be published on her web site soon.

The latest to interview me is the company behind the Atkins diet–Atkins Nutritionals. I’ve had a great relationship with them over the years since my 180-pound weight loss in 2004 and they wanted to catch up with me about what is happening through my eyes with low-carb nowadays. They recently added my weight loss success story to their web site and decided to follow-up with an interview, too. Below is a brief excerpt from the interview, but you can read the entire piece by clicking here. ENJOY!

Interviewer: Atkins is nearly forty years old – what are your impressions of the nutritional approach today?

Jimmy: I think the diet is experiencing a real resurgence – there’s been a lot of new comparison studies, comparing Atkins to low-fat diets, etc. And time and time again, the research supports the Atkins principles.

Interviewer: So, do you think more people are coming around to the health and weight loss benefits of the Atkins lifestyle?

Jimmy: I do. You know, there are still people who think it’s all meat, eggs, and cheese, but the company’s done a good job of handling the misperceptions – and blogs like mine are working hard to help more people enjoy these amazing benefits. Lives are being changed for the better.

Want to read the whole interview? It’s right here.


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