PETA Taking It To The Extreme Again On Health Insurance Premiums And Even Thanksgiving

Filed under: Misc — @ November 18, 2008

If you eat-a the meat-a, then prepare for some resistance from PETA!

When you are trying to convey a message of peace, love, care and concern as a core belief in your organization, then you would at least expect the members of that group to exhibit these traits themselves in the tactics they use to promote their philosophy. But apparently that doesn’t hold true if you are a member of the extremist animal rights, anti-meat wacko group known as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They are a fringe organization that is doing everything in their power to prevent people from consuming meat for two main reasons: 1) on moral grounds for the welfare of the animals and 2) for health reasons contending that a vegetarian or vegan diet is far superior nutritionally to one that consists of meat.

I don’t personally have a problem with someone who chooses to eat a meat-free diet (although you can make your low-carb lifestyle vegetarian, I do think you are limiting yourself from some truly fabulous nutrient-rich foods that are indeed an essential part of a healthy diet), but PETA always seems to take things to the extreme to say the least: dressing up in nothing but cellophane and describing meat-eaters as “cannibals”; conducting a national letter-to-the-editor writing campaign trashing the Atkins diet using the exact same letter; creating fake public surveys to make it look like the ultra-low-fat, vegetarian diet is more mainstream than it is; PETA nutcase Jody Gorran bringing a frivolous lawsuit against Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. that ran the good Atkins name through the mud for several years before a judge finally threw it out last year; and most recently in September 2008, PETA convinced the United Nations that meat consumption was a major reason for global warming! In fact, just this week they pressured the star of the #1 movie in America Daniel Craig from the latest James Bond flick Quantum of Solace to go vegetarian for the sake of the animals and health. Oh brother!

EXTREME? I think that’s putting it nicely. But you gotta hand it to them–just when you think they can’t go any more overboard than they already have, along comes something else that is equally shocking and almost always controversial like this news out of Vermont last week. You are not gonna believe what the PETA people are wanting to do to the meat-eating citizens in the Green Mountain State!

CLICK HERE to read how PETA is trying to get health insurance companies to RAISE premium rates on people who eat meat because they are endangering their health. And don’t miss the special Thanksgiving campaign that PETA is using to convince people to consume tofurkey instead next Thursday (which reminded me of a classic “Everybody Loves Raymond” clip that is too hilarious NOT to watch!)


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