A Diabetes Holiday Giveaway Contest From Amy Tenderich’s ‘DiabetesMine’

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DiabetesMine is hosting a Holiday Survival Sweepstakes contest

I love coming up with contests and giving people a chance to win some really cool prizes. It’s one of the fun things I get to do with my own blog from time to time (especially for my annual blogiversary contest like this one in 2008 that happens every April). So when one of my fellow health bloggers decides to give away some stuff you can win, I’m all too eager to tell you all about it.

The The 2008 DiabetesMineā„¢ Holiday Survival Sweepstakes is hosted by friend and fellow health blogger with Type 1 diabetes named Amy Tenderich who runs what is arguably one of the best diabetes blogs on the Internet. Although I took her to task in March 2007 for writing a book about diabetes without mentioning the incredible benefits of carbohydrate control, Amy has openly acknowledged that managing carbs ain’t such a bad idea after all for people with diabetes and insulin resistance. She even complimented the “enthusiasm of the low-carb community” to get the positive word out about carbohydrate restriction for health. WE TRY!

With all of her contacts in the diabetic world, Amy wanted to reward her readers with some great low-carb diabetes prizes by simply participating in a creative contest around the subject of the holidays.

“The whole idea is to share some of our best tips about surviving the holiday season with diabetes, have some fun, and share the freebie love!” Amy explains at her blog.

Each week Amy will post a new question for you to answer (like the Week 1 question “What is your killer strategy for managing your BG while at parties?”) and it’s likely something many low-carbers will be able to easily answer as well since we mostly eat like a diabetic whether we have the disease or not. There are LOADS of prizes you can win and making yourself eligible for them is simple.

Check in at the DiabetesMine web site each week through the end of December. On Tuesdays a new question will be posed (like the one for Week 2: “What’s your best comeback for any ‘diabetes police’ who bug you during a holiday meal?”) and simply submit your answer in the comments section of that particular post. You’ll have until midnight the following Sunday to submit your entries for the drawing the next week for 7-8 prizes. Each of the weekly winners will also be entered into a BIG drawing for three GRAND PRIZES to be chosen at the end of the sweepstakes.

They’re hoping to create an e-book with all the fabulous advice and wisdom from real diabetics during this contest, so don’t be bashful–ENTER THE CONTEST and share from your experiences. GOOD LUCK in the drawings and support Amy with her incredible Holiday Survival Sweepstakes contest.


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