Avoid The Urge To Use Thanksgiving As An Excuse For Ditching Low-Carb

Filed under: Misc — @ November 25, 2008

Eating your turkey without the carbs is just as enjoyable on Thanksgiving

Coming up on Thursday, we will be celebrating one of the most revered holidays in American culture–Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t like having one day out of the year when you have a plentiful buffet of food followed by watching football, and giving thanks to God for another year of blessings in your life. It’s a unique time when families gather together and just enjoy being with those they love the most (remember that when your kid throws a temper tantrum while Grandma complains about not being able to find her false teeth!). Ahhhhhhhh, Thanksgiving!

When you decide to start livin’ la vida low-carb in earnest, there might be some temptation to justify going “off plan” on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But let me caution you about falling into the trap of thinking this is okay. While I’m not one of those hard-nosed purists who thinks you should strictly stick to the plan and NEVER allow anything to go in your mouth that isn’t low-carb, I also realize that human nature will kick in when you give in–especially on a special occasion like Thanksgiving.

Click here to find out why allowing yourself to “splurge” on Thanksgiving may spin you out of control in your low-carb lifestyle and how you can make better choices on this special holiday for the sake of your weight and health.


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