Facebook Users Hit Hard By ‘Koobface’ Computer Virus

Filed under: Misc — @ December 5, 2008

Facebook is fun, but watch out for crafty hackers who want to spoil it

Social networking has become almost as synonymous with the online world as blogging over the past year or so. People are reconnecting with friends from their past and staying in touch just like old times again. It really is a uniquely 21st Century phenomenon that has brought the world much closer together than ever before. While many of the kids and teenagers enjoy hanging out on MySpace, a growing contingent of people are turning to Facebook to chronicle all that is happening in their lives with their list of friends.

I have my own Facebook page and so does my wife Christine (who’s addicted to it now!). With my 20-year high school reunion coming up next year, this has been the perfect way to communicate with former classmates about what we are planning to do. The neat thing is brand new people are coming to Facebook all the time, so it’s like a reunion whenever you reconnect with people from high school, college, or who you haven’t seen in a very long time.

But with such a wonderful place comes the risk of being taken advantage of and that’s exactly what has happened this week to the 120 million active users of Facebook. A truly evil and maniacal web virus called “Koobface” disguises itself as a note from one of your Facebook “friends” with some strange messages that long-time Internet users would immediately recognize as fake. Even still, a lot of people have been victimized by this virus, including my wife Christine who was none the wiser about it when she clicked on the message from a “friend.”

Click here to learn more about this “Koobface” virus, what it will do to your computer if you are victimized by it, and how you can protect yourself from falling prey to it in the first place.


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