Announcing Netbook Tracker, new sister site

Filed under: In The News — @ December 10, 2008

If you’re in the market for a netbook computer this holiday season, make sure to stop by Netbook Tracker, a new site created by the CarbWire team. If you haven’t heard of the term netbook before, they are simply miniature laptops that are optimized for the internet and [typically] low in price. Low in price as in starting at $299 (for a fully functional laptop!). Thanks in part to the small size and previously mentioned small price, netbooks have started to top the sales charts at sites like Amazon. There are tons of models and picking one out can be confusing, so we created a database to help out the buying experience. Simply browse by manufacturer or search and create comparisons to whittle down your choices.

FYI: This post was written on an Acer Aspire One A110L. It’s a great little machine and has been getting tons of use around the office.


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