Oprah Winfrey’s Diet Mentality Is Keeping Her Obese

Filed under: Celebrity — @ December 10, 2008

Oprah Winfrey expresses frustration over inability to shed the pounds for good

I’m not sure why Oprah Winfrey is so berated about her fluctuating weight other than the fact that she kinda puts herself out there as somewhat of an expert on the issue bringing in people like Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Bob Greene, and others who dish out dietary advice on her program on a regular basis. In fact, she’s always looking for weight loss success stories to come on her show to talk about how they did it (I have sent my story in so many times it’s not even funny).

All of this hoopla over Oprah’s weight got stirred again this week when the January 2009 issue of O Magazine showed on the front cover a picture of the current 200-pound 54-year old Oprah looking at her 160-pound skinnier self from 2006 and asking the question “How Did I Let This Happen Again?” It’s the latest saga in the sad but true story of a woman who has it all but can’t seem to figure out why she can’t lose weight. In typical fashion, the media went WILD with this story on Monday and I have a few thoughts to share about Oprah Weightgate.

Click here to see why Oprah has failed time after time to keep the weight off and what I think will help her lose those pounds for good.


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