Four New Diet And Health Research Studies You Need To See

Filed under: Study — @ December 12, 2008

You never know what you’re gonna get from the health research world when a new study is presented at a medical or scientific conference or published in a prestigious journal. But one thing is for certain–the debate over the validity of these studies never dies down since we all have our predispositions about what is right in regards to diet, nutrition, and healthy living. That aside, it is always beneficial to see what the research is showing us and learn from it. And I have four new studies to share with you today.

Click here for compelling new research on how addictive sugar really is, why low-carb diets are supposedly bad for your memory (they’re not, but find out why), how protein could be the missing link in burning stored body fat, and why the allure of cash prizes works better than the prospects of improved health and weight loss to make it happen. CHECK IT OUT!


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