Barack Obama Can Bring Some Much-Needed Change To The USDA

Filed under: Events — @ December 16, 2008

Obama can bring REAL change by making Pollan Ag Secretary

Last month was an historic election in American history for a variety of reasons–some obvious, some not so much. But one thing about our incoming president is this central theme of his entire campaign over the past couple of years–CHANGE! President-Elect Barack Obama constantly talked about making changes, emphasized his belief that fundamental changes needed to happen in government, and that he would be the one to make these changes a reality under his administration.

With his appointments to fill various key Cabinet positions drawing universal praise from those who supported him and even those who didn’t, Obama has a golden opportunity here to make one of his most crucial decisions yet to fill an important but often overlooked Cabinet seat–Secretary of Agriculture. That’s right, this is the head of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) who helps set the tone for food policy in this country.

Click here to find out why bestselling author and investigative journalist Michael Pollan would be the prime choice to become the next Agriculture Secretary in the Obama administration.


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