Art DeVany: Who Says You Can’t Be Healthy And Fit At 70?

Filed under: Health — @ December 22, 2008

71-year old Arthur DeVany lives his low-carb Evolutionary Fitness model

As we age, people like to use that as an excuse for why they can’t lose weight or get their body into shape. After all, we all KNOW your metabolism slows down, your bones become brittle, you lose muscle, and it’s a hopeless situation to prevent obesity and declining health from happening as you enter the twilight years of life, right? But somebody forgot to tell that to my podcast interview guest today–Arthur DeVany. At the age of 71, he’s an inspiring athlete consuming a low-carb nutritional program he refers to as Evolutionary Fitness.

In Episode 211 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from former economics professor and former professional minor league baseball player Arthur DeVany who tells us about how his wife’s diabetes drove him to the low-carbohydrate way of eating to control her insulin, why carbohydrates are driving obesity and disease, and how his Evolutionary Fitness program is helping people get their nutrition and fitness routine in order by getting back to the diet of our ancestors. He says the hunter/gatherer ideology is a model that we should all attempt to follow. This is one man you will LOVE to hear from in today’s interview.

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How about that Arthur DeVany? Isn’t his story one of the most heartwarming and extraordinarily encouraging ones you’ve heard in a long time? Let me know how it impacted you in the show notes section of Episode 211. Learn more about who Arthur DeVany is, visit his web site, and check out his Evolutionary Fitness DVD. Be looking for a book about his Evolutionary Fitness program coming in 2010.

With this being Christmas week, this is the only podcast we’ll have for you this week. Come back again next Monday when I’ll have an interview with Binx Selby from BalancePoint Health who is helping change lipid profiles simply by raising their fat intake and cutting their carbohydrates. Hmmmm, that sounds familiar? I look forward to sharing that with you next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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