What Should Be Included On A Low-Carb Diet And Health Community Web Site?

Filed under: Publications — @ December 26, 2008

Dave Dixon wants the low-carb community to have a gathering place

One of the privileges I have being involved in the low-carb community so actively are some really fantastic contacts. From researchers to doctors to active members of the behind-the-scenes grassroots movement to put low-carb back on the map again–they’re all a part of my network and I’m honored to call on them whenever I have a question or issue that could use their area of expertise.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been in contact with a man named Dave Dixon who has a firm grasp on the message of livin’ la vida low-carb and shares about it in brilliant posts at his “Spark of Reason” blog. Since his profession is in software architecture, Dave recently asked me if I’d like to help him with a new project he’s been envisioning to do. When he described what it was he would like to create, I was thrilled to help him develop this and see it come to fruition.

Click here to learn more about Dave’s idea to create a low-carb social networking web site similar to Facebook and how YOU can contribute your own ideas to this ambitious undertaking.


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