Fun-Filled Friday: Garfield Diet, Reader In Contest To Record With Yo-Yo Ma, And Adorable ‘Blood Song’

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It’s time to loosen up and have some fun on Fridays this year

Starting today and every Friday in 2009, I’m implementing a new feature here at my blog called “Fun-Filled Friday” where I’ll feature a post with some diet and non-diet related stuff that is guaranteed to be a load of fun. After all, if you can’t have fun on Friday, then when will you EVER have fun, right? So to kick off this inaugural FFF (that’s short for “Fun-Filled Friday”) post, let’s see what Garfield that cat thinks about how you can best lose weight:

I’m not sure how effective that “diet” of our feline friend would be on our waistline, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun. By the way, Garfield is my wife Christine’s favorite cartoon character. She’s drawn pictures of him since she was a little girl. Ironic she loved a fat cat and then married a fat man…except now I’ve lost weight. Ummmm, Garfield, it’s YOUR turn now!

Next up on the FFF lineup is an opportunity to help a LLVLC (that’s “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb”) reader fulfill her dream of recording a song with the legendary Yo-Yo Ma, who will be performing for President-Elect Barack Obama on Inauguration Day on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Mary shared about her opportunity on my low-carb discussion forum this week that she entered this beautiful flute selection into a contest to appear on a recording with the legendary, Grammy Award-winning artist.

In fact, she went on to share a special connection she has with Yo-Yo Ma that dates back over a decade ago.

Back in 1998, Yo-Yo Ma was interviewed in a magazine. At the end of the interview was the announcement that he would answer one letter from a reader. I knew that the only way to have the chance to have him write me was for me to first write him.

I asked him a question about teaching but not without telling him about my flute choirs and jazz band. Well, several months later there was a letter in my mail box from him. I was the one and only letter that he took the time to answer. I later sent him a thank-you card with the picture of a little black girl playing the flute. She was wearing a watch and was thinking about an ice cream cone.

Now Mary feels destined to take that chance meeting all those years ago and make her dream a reality to record with this man she admires so much.

He is such a genuine human being which makes him an incredible musician. So, when I heard about the contest I couldn’t help but think that this could come around full circle. I look forward to asking him if my name sounded familiar to him. Also, I will complete this arrangement by performing it at my student’s recital. I am going to fight hard with this and I will make the most of what will be…thanks again for your support.

So this is where YOU come into the picture to add a little fun to this Friday. Go to Mary Titus’ contest submission page, listen to her three and a half minute music selection, and then cast your vote for her to be the winner. It takes less than a minute to do this and would give my reader Mary the thrill of a lifetime. THANKS for helping Mary keep her dream alive!

Finally, whether you are a fan of gospel music or not, this video sung by a little girl named Zoe (the daughter of a new LLVLC blog reader Penny) will put a big, bright smile on your face. Watch her facial expressions and creative movements as she passionately sings about the blood of Jesus giving her strength each day and that it will never lose its power. If this doesn’t light your fire, then I don’t know what will! CLICK HERE to watch!

Zoe is nine years old now and still loves to sing…DUH! I think we might be seeing her on “American Idol” in a few years, what do you think? THANKS so much for sharing this with us, Penny!

Got something fun, funny, or interesting to share with me and my readers for future “Fun-Filled Friday” segments? E-mail those to me at Have a FANTABULOUS weekend everybody!!!


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