Kent Altena’s New Atkins Diet TV Show To Feature Q&A About Low-Carb Living

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Atkins weight loss success Kent Altena creates LIVE video show

When you lose a significant, life-changing amount of weight following a healthy nutritional approach like Atkins low-carb, it’s almost impossible to keep silent about it. Just ask anybody who’s lost over 100 pounds–there’s a certain spring in your step, a little more pedal to the metal in your passion, and a willingness to share the good news you’ve discovered with EVERYONE you know. That’s one of the reasons why I spend so much time chronicling my own low-carb experiences in various writing outlets, record interesting podcast interviews with leaders in the low-carb and health community, and create fun YouTube videos with my wife Christine to continue to educate, encourage, and inspire others to take this journey for themselves.

But I’m not the only guy who has lost well over 100 pounds on the Atkins diet who is working hard to spread the word about livin’ la vida low-carb. Blogging buddy and friend Kent Altena has made his presence known over the past few years after his stunning weight loss success. I’ve blogged about all the things Kent has been doing to put the Atkins diet back on the map again, including his awesome YouTube video series which came back last year after a little prodding. You’ll want to subscribe to Kent’s videos and watch them all. His are much more instructive than my YouTube videos as he presents the information in a straightforward format.

You could sense during my podcast interview with Kent in June 2008 that he wanted to do more to reach people with the positive Atkins low-carb message and that’s precisely what he is doing with a brand new idea that has now become a reality.

Check it out–a LIVE Atkins Diet TV show: CLICK HERE!

Kent will be hosting a LIVE Atkins Diet TV show online every Thursday night at 9pm CST/10pm EST to host a Q & A session as well as topic-based discussions on various issues involving livin’ la vida low-carb and the Atkins diet.

“I want everyone to be as successful as I have been,” Kent writes about his new show. “Who knows? In a few weeks I will probably be in the kitchen cooking my favorite low-carb treat or meal of the moment.”

This won’t be replacing his awesome YouTube videos, but simply serving as a better means of interacting with Kent to answer the burning questions people have for him about Atkins low-carb. As a 200+ pound Atkins weight loss success, he certainly has plenty of wisdom to share and I hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to glean from his experience.

BOOKMARK THIS STREAMING VIDEO PAGE and start following this LIVE show each week. I’ll be trying to make it on the show from time to time answering questions people may have about the low-carb lifestyle. Now if we could only get a show like this on network or cable television!


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