Sugar Is Nothing More Than ‘Sweet Poison,’ Australian Author Writes

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Calling sugar a “poison” is not so far-fetched after you hear David Gillespie

I’m heartened to know that more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of sugar consumption and, more importantly, fructose. This is a popular concept being discussed within health circles who are lamenting the switch from sucrose to fructose as the primary sweetener in foods today. And it’s not just happening here in the United States either–my podcast interview guest today is an attorney from Australia who decided to do his own research of the medical journals to find out what the connection between fructose and obesity is and then write a book about it.

In Episode 219 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from David Gillespie, author of a new book entitled Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Is Making Us Fat which is not yet available in the U.S., but will be releasing later in 2009. But you get a sneak peek into this fascinating book about the compelling and comprehensive research into why fructose is so harmful to weight and health, why it is summarily ignored by food manufacturers as a detrimental and dangerous substance, and what strategies people can use to avoid getting hidden fructose in their diet. If you have a sweet tooth for fructose-based foods and want to know what’s so wrong with that, then this podcast is for YOU!

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How did you like my friend David Gillespie from Australia? Was his argument against fructose convincing enough to make you want to avoid it? Respond with your reaction by leaving a comment in the show notes section of Episode 219. Visit David’s web site and be on the lookout for his book Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Making Us Fat. And don’t miss his incredibly entertaining and informative blog called “Raisin Hell.”

Although I will be gone next week on a cruise to Mexico with 40 of my fellow low-carbers, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any podcasts for you to enjoy during my absence. On Monday, you’ll hear from Bob Hawkinson who wrote a book called The Joy Of Diabetes that encourages diabetics to take a more positive look at their disease to keep their spirits high as they overcome the struggles of living with diabetes. Then on Thursday, Nadine Saubers will be along to talk about her new book entitled The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fighting Fatigue and how you can overcome chronic fatigue. If you walk around like a zombie all the time and want to feel alive and energetic again, then this is YOUR podcast to listen to. Visit next week to listen to these shows since I will be away. I’ll blog about them here when I return at the end of next week. THANK YOU for listening!


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