Low-Carb Truth Will Prevail Whether It Is Heeded Or Not

Filed under: Misc — @ January 17, 2009

The truth about low-carb deserves to be heard even if nobody listens

Sometimes you can start to feel like a lonely voice in the wilderness when you put yourself out there as an avid spokesperson for a nutritional approach like low-carb that is so universally mocked and scorned by those so-called health “experts” who think they know better about healthy living than the rest of the world. But this reminds me of an old legend about the actions of a “good and just man” who was in a similar circumstance where he had a choice between doing what was right and taking a lot of heat for it or turning his back on the truth just to blend in with the crowd and be accepted.

Click here to read my own variation on the story about why it is so important to NEVER stop speaking the truth about livin’ la vida low-carb.


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