Jimmy Moore’s Low-Carb Podcast Interview Schedule February Through April 2009

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I’ve been a busy little bee the past few months recording a ton of brand new interviews for my top 20 iTunes Health & Fitness podcast, “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.” Many of my listeners have been requesting an upcoming schedule and I’m happy to share that with you today.

Here’s a listing of our new interviews coming to my podcast:

Episode 224–February 2, 2009–MACKAY RIPPEY
Episode 225–February 5, 2009–PATRICK LECKY
Episode 226–February 9, 2009–TOM NAUGHTON
Episode 227–February 12, 2009–KARLY PITMAN
Episode 228–February 16, 2009–BRUCE FRASSINELLI
Episode 229–February 19, 2009–DR. LARRY MCCLEARY
Episode 230–February 23, 2009–T.S. WILEY
Episode 231–February 26, 2009–TANYA ATTEBERY
Episode 232–March 2, 2009–DR. JUDITH BECK
Episode 233–March 5, 2009–LAURA DOLSON
Episode 234–March 9, 2009–DR. SANFORD SIEGAL
Episode 235–March 12, 2009–SHAUNA REID
Episode 236–March 16, 2009–DR. JEFF VOLEK
Episode 237–March 19, 2009–DR. MICHAEL OZNER
Episode 238–March 23, 2009–LYLE MCDONALD
Episode 239–March 26, 2009–DR. DOUG MCGUFF
Episode 240–March 30, 2009–DR. MARY NEWPORT
Episode 241–April 2, 2009–KATIE JAY
Episode 242–April 6, 2009–J.P. FANTON
Episode 243–April 9, 2009–ESTHER BLUM
Episode 244–April 13, 2009–MARIO MARIANI
Episode 245–April 16, 2009–ANNE LOUISE GITTLEMAN
Episode 246–April 20, 2009–DR. HEIDI
Episode 247–April 23, 2009–LOREN CORDAIN
Episode 248–April 27, 2009–MEG MANGIN
Episode 249–April 30, 2009–DR. ROBERT SU

Got somebody you think I should interview for my podcast show? E-mail me your suggestions anytime at livinlowcarbman@charter.net.


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