A Special Low-Carb Valentine’s Day Interview With Karly Pitman

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Karly Pitman offers an introspective podcast of love for yourself and others

Coming up this Saturday is the grandest, most romantic holiday of the entire year–Valentine’s Day! However, this perpetual lover’s holiday is not always such a joyous time for people who are single or even married and having a difficult time feeling loved and giving love. Today’s podcast guest certainly has a lot to say about this issue as she was one of those who felt unloved by her husband until she figured out why.

In Episode 227 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are honored to have one of the true sweethearts in the online low-carb world named Karly Pitman back with us again from a fantastic support web site for women called “First Ourselves.” Ever since my first podcast interview with Karly in April 2008, I just knew she was gonna come back. She is uniquely qualified to talk about the difficulties of Valentine’s Day for some people and shows you how to overcome those struggles to enjoy this special day instead. Also, I openly share some very personal stories about my recollections of past Valentine’s Day in my life that will always be a part of my memories of this special day. Plus, you get some awesome low-carb gift ideas for that Valentine in your life.

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Did you absolutely LOVE what you heard from Karly Pitman about learning to love and appreciate yourself more than you do now? Was this a message that you sorely needed to make this the BEST Valentine’s Day ever? Respond to this interviewing by leaving your comments in the show notes section of Episode 227. Visit Karly Pitman’s “First Ourselves” blog and be prepare to be nurtured, refreshed, and loved like you’ve never experienced before. Special thanks to Karly for sharing her ministry during this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Coming up next week, I look forward to sharing with you an interview with Bruce Frassinelli. A few months ago, I read about his 85-pound Atkins low-carb weight loss story in an online New York state newspaper and just knew I wanted to talk with him about his health and weight turnaround. You’ll get to hear what he has to say about that experience on Monday. Then on Thursday, I am so thrilled to share my first podcast interview with low-carb neurosurgeon Dr. Larry McCleary, author of the most compelling book about low-carb brain health called The Brain Trust Program. Although I’ve interviewed him previously at my blog in September 2007, this podcast interview includes lots of new research and information about the emerging and evolving epidemic of Type 3 diabetes of the brain and how low-carb nutrition applies so perfectly. He extols the virtues of why ketone bodies are the preferred fuel source for the brain. This could be one of the most popular podcasts I conduct in 2009, so DON’T MISS IT!

People have been asking us to make certain classic episodes of this show available to purchase on CD, and we’re seriously considering it. The problem is that this will be either very labor intensive or will require some serious up-front investment from us, and we want to be sure that a) there is enough interest and b) that we choose the episodes that people really want. What we’re considering is either CDs of specific interviews, or theme-based CDs (on topics like diabetes, for instance), or a mix of both types of discs. We’d love to hear from you about this in the comments section at the podcast web site. THANKS so much for your help!


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