Low-Carbers Need Not Apply For ‘Diabetes Educator Of The Year’ Award

Filed under: Health — @ February 12, 2009

This year’s nominee list is conspicuously absent of any low-carbers

Diabetes has become one of the most urgent health concerns in the United States today with an estimated 73 million Americans walking around with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, or full-blown Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes (and with the advent of Type 3 diabetes of the brain, that number is probably approaching 100 million!). Finding effective ways to treat the manifestations of this terrible disease is the life’s work of so many people involved in medical and nutrition fields and honoring these people for their efforts is a worthy thing to do. That’s why I was pleased to hear a company called American Diabetes Wholesale instituted a “Diabetes Educator Of The Year” award last year.

So when it came time for the award again for this year, I proudly encouraged my blog readers to nominate low-carb practitioners like Dr. Mary C. Vernon and Dr. Richard Bernstein (who were second and third in final balloting last year). I had no doubt in my mind that she and maybe even Dr. Bernstein would make the final list of five nominees for this year’s award. But then something funny happened–NONE of the finalists for the “Diabetes Educator Of The Year” award were advocates or promoters of controlled-carbohydrate nutrition for diabetics.

Say what? How can you have an award based on finding individuals who are educating the public about effective ways to manage diabetes and NOT include anyone supporting a low-carb strategy? Not to take anything away from the five finalists (Linda C. Aman, Janet W. Brown Crockrel, Joyce Malaskovitz, Suzanne Swann Laws, and Laurie Terrio), but this seems conspicuously odd to me that not one single nominee uses low-carb techniques with their patients.

Click here to learn more about this year’s “Diabetes Educator Of The Year” scandal denying those using a low-carb nutritional approach with their diabetic patients an opportunity to be recognized for their great work.


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