Enjoying Your Diet, Not Just Controlling Hunger Key To Permanent Weight Loss Success

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ February 24, 2009

Effective weight management isn’t just about not feeling hungry

I heard a radio advertisement for a new weight loss product the other day and it got my mind to thinking about the whole concept of hunger control and the role it allegedly plays for people wanting to lose weight. The commercial prominently promoted the ability of the product to “control your hunger, so you feel satisfied” in your diet. In essence, they were putting forth the theory that simply keeping the hungry bug from hitting you will make you satisfied and lead to weight loss.

But I disagree.

Whenever I hear this subject of hunger control come up in a weight loss marketing ad, it just makes me wanna scream. So, you take a pill or some gimmick food that makes you not wanna eat so you can get through your day without being hungry, but that leads to the million dollar question–WHEN DO YOU EAT?! And once you do eat, WHAT do you get to eat? Interestingly, these questions are hardly ever answered by the manufacturers of these weight loss products.

Click here to read why I believe satisfaction with your food choices is much more important that controlling hunger on a weight loss plan.


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