Dr. David Katz, Get Your Facts Straight Before Spouting Off About Health!

Filed under: Study — @ March 3, 2009

Self-proclaimed health “expert” David Katz gets it wrong again on low-carb diets

Whenever a new study or health research is released to the public, we always get greeted by many of the same people over and over again to interpret the findings and tell us what the take-home message is. And these people are usually deeply rooted in conventional wisdom regarding a “healthy” diet–namely, strong advocates of a low-fat, high-carb, vegetarian-styled diet. While Dr. Dean Ornish certainly receives his fair share of ink blurbing his thoughts about diet studies, another name has become almost as popular–Dr. David Katz.

After Dr. Katz was quoted in an AP news story last week responding to that Harvard study that said weight loss is all about the calories by Dr. Frank Sacks, one of my readers who specializes in analyzing nutrition research took it upon himself to e-mail Dr. Katz directly about where he was wrong. You can read what this reader had to say by clicking here.


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