One-Hour Podcast Interview With Low-Carb Researcher Dr. Jeff Volek

Filed under: Health — @ March 16, 2009

“TNT Diet” author Dr. Jeff Volek talks low-carbohydrate nutrition

People often ask me if I think there is a resurgence happening with low-carb diets and my response is usually that the great preponderance of low-carb research that has been coming out over the past few years makes it impossible for a real renaissance of healthy carbohydrate restriction to be ignored. And the men and women who put themselves on the front lines of the low-carb debate are leading a strong charge with the evidence to back them up. Names like Dr. Richard Feinman, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Mary C. Vernon, and others immediately come to mind, but my podcast interview guest today is also a part of the upper echelon of this low-carb movement.

In Episode 236 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” at long last we hear from low-carb researcher Dr. Jeff Volek from The University of Connecticut who co-wrote with Adam Campbell the Men’s Health TNT Diet: The Explosive New Plan to Blast Fat, Build Muscle, and Get Healthy in 12 Weeks. Although I’ve previously interviewed one of Dr. Volek’s proteges Cassandra Forsythe at my podcast show and even had a blog interview with Dr. Volek himself in September 2006, this was the first time we’ve ever heard from him on my podcast show and he offered over an hour jam-packed with some incredible insights on low-carb nutrition. He addresses the state of low-carb research, the studies he has been involved with, what exercise is best when you are on a low-carb diet, his disagreements with some of his fellow carbohydrate restriction peers, the impact of various sports supplements like creatine, the benefits of whey protein, defining keto-adaptation, and so much more. I have no doubt you will find this interview with Dr. Jeff Volek one of the most fascinating interviews of 2009! Sit back, relax, and ENJOY!

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Now that you’ve heard from Dr. Jeff Volek sharing about carbohydrate restriction, what did you think about what he had to say? Share your comments in the show notes section of Episode 236. Pick up a copy of The TNT Diet, read my 2006 blog interview with Dr. Volek, and listen to this previous teleconference from Atkins Nutritionals featuring Dr. Volek. Special THANK YOU to Dr. Volek for sharing so willingly in the longest interview of the year! I look forward to seeing him again at the Charleston, SC ASBP conference.

Coming up on Thursday, I’ll have an interview with Dr. Michael Ozner who wrote a book called The Great American Heart Hoax: Lifesaving Advice Your Doctor Should Tell You About Heart Disease Prevention (But Probably Never Will). You’ll immediately notice he is no Dr. Volek with his insistence on promoting (HIMSELF! and) a high-carb, Mediterranean-styled diet that runs counter to what many low-carbers would say is healthy. It’s not all bad information, so you DEFINITELY need to listen. That’s coming up later this week.

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