Interview With Low-Carb Exercise And Health Expert Lyle McDonald

Filed under: Health — @ March 24, 2009

Physiologist Lyle McDonald applies a low-carb approach to fat loss

Although I attempt to bring on quite an eclectic lineup of interview guests on my podcast show each week, sometimes my listeners will send me their suggestions about who they would like to hear from. Rest assured I am doing my best to get anyone and everyone in the world of low-carb diet, fitness and health on my show…and even a few who DON’T necessarily adhere to the low-carb principles. All in all, it expands our breadth of knowledge about why we are eating and living the way we do. Today’s podcast guest is on of the most highly-requested guests I have received to date.

In Episode 238 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are excited to share an interview with Lyle McDonald from “Body Recomposition” who is heavily into the subjects of exercise, ketogenic low-carb diets, fat loss, and muscle growth. He’s been quite a prolific author of a series of books that outline the many hours of research he has invested into these topics that matter the most to him. One thing you’ll immediately notice about Lyle is his obvious passion and enthusiasm for whatever he is talking about. This interview is chock full of over an hour of juicy, informational nuggets of truth you’ll enjoy hearing from one of the leading voices in the exercise and carbohydrate-restriction world today!

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What did you think about Lyle McDonald and the concepts he shares about in this podcast? Talk about it in the show notes section of Episode 238. Visit his “Body Recomposition” web site and check out the complete Lyle McDonald library of books for even more information about the subjects he discussed in this interview. We’ll have another low-carb exercise expert coming up on Thursday with Dr. Doug McGuff.

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