‘FAT HEAD’ Film Creator Interviews Low-Carb Blogger Jimmy Moore

Filed under: Atkins Diet,Health — @ April 13, 2009

Tom Naughton talks with me about healthy low-carb living

From time to time, I’m asked by my fellow low-carb and health bloggers and podcasters if they could interview me about the work I’m doing with my various “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” projects. I consider it the highest form of respect and admiration when a peer recognizes the impact of your contributions towards the subject you are most passionate about. Here are a few that have happened over the past couple of years, including with Laura Dolson from the About.com Low-Carb Diets web site, Atkins Nutritionals, Mark Sisson from “Mark’s Daily Apple,” Connie Bennett from the “Stop Sugar Shock” podcast and Dr. Jonny Bowden.

I have another one to share with you today from my friend Tom Naughton who you might know better as the creator of the hilariously funny and informative new documentary film about the healthy benefits of low-carb eating called FAT HEAD. He recently took me up on my suggestion that he start blogging and he’s a real natural at it with his comedic background (not that his background is funny and all, but that he makes a living making people laugh–oh nevermind!).

Tom asked if he could interview me for his new blog site and I was happy to do so. Click here to access Part 1 of this interview today. Part 2 will be posted at the FAT HEAD blog on Tuesday.


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