Doctoral Psychology Student Looking For Men With Huge Long-Term Weight Loss Success And Maintenance

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Are you a male who lost a lot of weight and kept it off for 2 years?

One of my readers alerted me to a doctoral research project looking into the “personality characteristics of men who have successfully maintained weight loss” that I thought would be interesting to share with you. This doctoral psychology student is looking for male subjects who lost weight naturally and kept it off for a period of at least two years. It is expected to only take up about two hours of your time.

Here are the qualifications to participate:
Be male
Be at least 18 years of age
Have lost a significant amount of weight (preferably over 100 pounds)
Maintained the weight loss for at least two years
Lost weight through natural methods–no surgery

That’s it! If you meet these standards, then you could be chosen to take part in this unique study looking at how your weight loss journey has changed you emotionally, psychologically, and other non-physical ways. I have already spoken with the student by telephone and she’s very interested in gathering information for this unique research project.

Keep in mind your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from it at any time. Participant confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times and you will receive compensation upon full completion of the study which has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University and will be supervised by faculty at CSPP.

To be considered for participation in this study, please contact the student Shannon Kellogg by telephone at (619) 993-9943 and leave a message with the following information:

Your name
Your telephone number
Your height
Your current weight
Your highest weight prior to weight loss
Amount of time you have maintained your weight loss

Like I said, I’ve already called and spoken with Shannon about my story and she said I was qualified to participate. It would be great to get a bunch of you who have also successfully lost and maintained your weight loss on the healthy low-carb lifestyle to be involved with this study. She briefly asked me why I was so successful losing weight this way and I told her enjoyable foods and no hunger make a BIG difference. I could sense she was smiling on the other end. GOOD LUCK to you guys who do this and let me know if you are able to be a part of the project, too.


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