Upcoming ‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Interview Schedule–May 2009-August 2009

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Summer 2009 schedule for this Top 25 iTunes Nutrition & Health podcast

Here’s a listing of my upcoming podcast interviews on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore”:

Episode 250–May 4, 2009–DR. FITNESS AND THE FAT GUY (popular diet and health radio hosts)
Episode 251–May 7, 2009–VALERIE BERKOWITZ (co-author of The Stubborn Fat Fix)
Episode 252–May 11, 2009–DR. JOE LEONARDI (low-carb weight loss success and “Fat Then Fit Now” blogger)
Episode 253–May 14, 2009–DR. STAN DE LOACH (low-carb diabetes educator in Mexico)
Episode 254–May 18, 2009–DR. STEVE PARKER (author of Advanced Mediterranean Diet)
Episode 255–May 21, 2009–LISA MARSHALL (creator 24/7 Low-Carb Diner)
Episode 256–May 25, 2009–JOSEF BRANDENBURG (personal trainer/nutrition coach “The Body You Want”)
Episode 257–May 28, 2009–DEON VANDER MERWE (South African low-carb weight loss success)
Episode 258–June 1, 2009–MAUREEN SULLIVAN (Seale Harris’ Lite For Life)
Episode 259–June 4, 2009–RICARDO BOYE (low-carb wellness coach in Georgia)
Episode 260–June 8, 2009–SEAN CROXTON (creator Underground Wellness)
Episode 261–June 11, 2009–SALLY FALLON (President of the Weston A. Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Trends and Eat Fat, Lose Fat)
Episode 262–June 15, 2009–JONAS COLTING (Swedish Olympic athlete who eats low-carb)
Episode 263–June 18, 2009–DR. MALCOLM KENDRICK (author of The Great Cholesterol Con)
Episode 264–June 22, 2009–JIMMY PENA (fitness expert)
Episode 265–June 25, 2009–REINHARD ENGELS (author of The No “S” Diet)
Episode 266–June 29, 2009–JULIA ROSS (author of The Diet Cure)
Episode 267–July 2, 2009–GRETCHEN BECKER (author of The Four Corners Diet)
Episode 268–July 6, 2009–HANK CARDELLO (author of Stuffed Nation)
Episode 269–July 9, 2009–NINA PLANCK (author of Real Food and Real Food For Mother And Baby)
Episode 270–July 13, 2009–JO CAVANAUGH (Healthy Hot Mama blogger and YouTuber)
Episode 271–July 16, 2009–CRAIG BALLANTYNE (creator of Turbulence Training)
Episode 272–July 20, 2009–RON WILLIAMS (author of Faith And Fat Loss)
Episode 273–July 23, 2009–DAVID JAY BROWN (author of Detox with Oral Chelation)
Episode 274–July 27, 2009–BEN FURY (creator of Bettercise.com)
Episode 275–July 30, 2009–MARK “DR. TEA” UKRA (author of The Ultimate Tea Diet)
Episode 276–August 3, 2009–RACHEL TOMKINSON (New Zealand saturated fat activist)
Episode 277–August 6, 2009–MIKE CROWLEY (President of Dreamfields Pasta)
Episode 278–August 10, 2009–CYNDY KRYDER (author of Nude Mice)
Episode 279–August 13, 2009–DR. BRIAN WANSINK (author of Mindless Eating and former USDA Dietary Recommendations head)
Episode 280–August 17, 2009–DR. DWIGHT LUNDELL (author of The Cure For Heart Disease)
Episode 281–August 20, 2009–MARION URICHICH (author of One In A Hundred Million)
Episode 282–August 24, 2009–DR. DEBORAH SNYDER (author of Keto Kid–low-carb for epilepsy)
Episode 283–August 27, 2009–DR. JORGE FLETCHAS (fibromyalgia and iodine expert physician)
Episode 284–August 31, 2009–DR. KEVIN WEILAND (author of The Dakota Diet)

THANK YOU for listening! As always, if you have a guest you think Jimmy should interview for an upcoming episode of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show,” then please e-mail him your request at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. Keep in mind these podcasts are recorded several months in advance sometimes and new guests are always be pursued by Jimmy. We appreciate your support!


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