What’s The Big Deal About Vitamin D Levels On Health Anyway?

Filed under: Health — @ April 28, 2009

Last month I shared this blog post outlining the importance of getting adequate Vitamin D levels in your body since a deficiency in this essential supplement is leading to a whole host of health complications. Don’t believe me? Check out the blog of Dr. Michael F. Holick who is arguably THE leading expert on Vitamin D health research today. I’m working hard to get him on my podcast show to talk about why people need to be paying more attention to Vitamin D and the consequences of remaining deficient.

In Episode 65 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube”, Christine and I talk about this subject of Vitamin D continuing with our own personal stories of being Vitamin D deficient. You’ll recall when I had my Vitamin D3 checked in July 2008, they measured in on the low end of normal at just 42 ng/mL. After interviewing Dr. William Davis from “The Heart Scan Blog” in September 2008, I began an aggressive 10,000 I.U. Vitamin D3 gel cap supplementation schedule for the next six months to see what would happen to my levels.

Of course, Christine found out about her miserably low 9 ng/mL in January 2009 and we’ve been working hard supplementing her daily with 10,000 I.U. to get her levels up as well. By August, she should be well into normal range with this dosage schedule and I’m anxious to share the results with you when we get her retested. There’s much more to this Vitamin D discussion than I think any of us really know at this point and I’m working hard to stay ahead of the curve with all the latest updates and developments as they arise (at the recent ASBP/Nutrition & Metabolism conference in Charleston earlier this month, one well-known low-carb expert said that there was a noticeable increase in cholesterol levels since they started taking Vitamin D supplementation. Nothing else changed in the diet or supplements, so this could be an emerging concern regarding Vitamin D…or not! I’m working on finding an expert who can answer this question and more!).

Incidentally, if you want to get your Vitamin D levels checked rather inexpensively, then do yourself a favor and join in on the DAction project from GrassrootsHealth. This is how I got my test results and it was a quick and easy process. They mail you a kit where you share blood samples, mail it in, and they will e-mail you the results in less than two weeks. It’s that easy and you test for your Vitamin D levels twice a year. For $40 per test, that ain’t half bad. And if knowing your D3 number is as easy as a simple blood test, then why wouldn’t you do it, hmmm? I’m looking forward to sharing an interview on my podcast coming up this Fall with a representative from GrassrootsHealth to discuss this ambitious project.

We’re striving to reach 100 YouTube videos by the end of the year, so be sure to catch up on all our previous YouTube videos where we’ve covered a wide variety of topics. My wife Christine and I are honored to have over 1,000 subscribers to our YouTube video series now (HOLY COW!), so be sure to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe so you’ll receive all the new “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” episodes when they are posted. Christine and I appreciate hearing from our “peeps” on YouTube, so feel free to e-mail us anytime at livinlowcarbman@charter.net.


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