2010 Dietary Guidelines meeting moves online, but they’re still ignoring low-carb research

Filed under: Events,Health — @ April 29, 2009

Click above to ENLARGE–if this weren’t so serious it would be funny!

Well, well, well, it looks like the USDA Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has decided to move their third of five meetings this year online today and tomorrow for a special two-day web seminar in an act of apparent openness about the process of determining the national nutritional recommendations for all United States citizens starting in 2010. Unfortunately for them, they are doing their best to continue avoiding that huge low-carb elephant in the room and, quite frankly, it is a purposeful act of defiance that I believe is utterly shameful, disgusting, and disgraceful in light of all that we know about the detrimental role excessive carbohydrates are having on the weight and health of the American people.

CLICK HERE to find out how to participate in the latest USDA Dietary Guidelines meeting this week and why they’re still utterly clueless about how to best help Americans make better foods choices beginning in 2010.


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