Dr. Robert Su: The #1 Health Message People Need To Know Is ‘Carbohydrates Can Kill’

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Dr. Robert Su shares his personal path to low-carb in new book

One of the things that is most frustrating for people dealing with weight and health issues is that they don’t feel like their primary care physician truly understands their problem. If only doctors and other medical professionals could go through all the experiences of trying to lose weight, deal with declining health, and attempt to eat as healthy as they want us to, then maybe people would feel more confident and inspired to do those things for themselves. That’s exactly what today’s podcast interview guest did and now he’s written a fabulous brand new book about his low-carb journey to vastly improved health and weight.

In Episode 249 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Virginia-based anesthesiologist Dr. Robert K. Su who wrote a book entitled Carbohydrates Can Kill detailing his own story of transforming his health with a carbohydrate-restricted diet. After years of toiling with high-carb, low-fat diets and struggling to figure out why his patients weren’t losing weight and getting healthier eating that way, Dr. Su went on his own personal low-carb journey that led him to shed the pounds, greatly improve his health, and have an epiphany about why so many of his patients had such a difficult time with these issues over the years. His research showed him it was the carbohydrates they were eating that were quite literally KILLING them.

While most people erroneously think that your body somehow needs carbs to function, Dr. Su outlines brilliantly in his book that this is a bald face lie. The body actually needs fat and some protein, but there is absolutely no dietary requirement for the body to consume carbs (although you can get some excellent nutrition from non-starchy and green leafy vegetables). This book is an eye-opener for anyone who is still caught up in decades-old thinking that fat is the enemy and carbs are your friend. Flip those two around and you’ll see what Dr. Su sees–low-carb will work for you, too!

In today’s interview, you’ll hear Dr. Su talk about how he was feeling lethargic, dealing with high blood pressure, and a little pudge in his midsection prior to cutting down on his carb intake. The self-experimentation with low-carb living Dr. Su conducted on himself taught him so much about health that he now boldly declares that “carbohydrates can KILL.” Tune in and listen for yourself to find out if you agree with him about that bold assertion.

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What did you think about the personal low-carb journey that Dr. Robert Su undertook and is now advocating in his explosive new book? Share your reaction to what he had to say in the show notes section of Episode 249. You will DEFINITELY want to pick up your own copy of Carbohydrates Can Kill and bookmark his “Carbohydrates Can Kill” web site.

We’re headed into four months of incredible podcasts starting on Monday with the guys from “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” radio show. Atlanta-based chiropractor Dr. Adam Shafran (“Dr. Fitness”) teams up with Lee Kantor (“The Fat Guy”) for a weekly radio show/podcast discussing diet and health. It’s an engaging show that bleeds over into my podcast for this fun interview. Then on Thursday, we get to hear from Valerie Berkowitz, a registered dietitian who is the wife of former podcast guest Dr. Keith Berkowitz. They have co-written a new book called The Stubborn Fat Fix to help people struggling with weight loss and health issues and how a low-carb nutritional approach can bring about the solution they are looking for. It will be yet another FANTASTIC week of low-carb podcasting!

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