DC Fat-Loss Expert Josef Brandenburg Creating Low-Carb Transformations

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Award-winning Washington, DC low-carb personal trainer Josef Brandenburg

Although I don’t want to take away from the great work that many personal trainers and fat-loss coaches are doing across the country, I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for those who have lived through the trauma of being obese and out of shape and changed their lives forever for the better. These people bring a tremendous amount of credibility in the eyes of those they are helping because they can empathize with the plight of those they are working with. Today’s podcast guest is one such fitness expert who used his own personal weight and health transformation to become one of the best personal trainers in the United States today–and he’s a low-carber, too!

In Episode 256 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are exposed to the work of Washington, DC’s #1 fat-loss expert for busy people named Josef Brandenburg. His strategy with his clients is to help normal people with hectic schedules and average genetics create the bodies they want in the time they actually have. He has a decade of professional experience and is being honored this year as a nominee for 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year from Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. You’ll hear him talk about growing up as a fat kid, why low-fat diets are useless for a lot of people desiring weight loss, how the recommendation to eat less and exercise more is making people fatter, the controversy over artificial sweeteners, why he’s not a big believer in counting carbohydrates, and the dreaded “brown fat.” You can read more about “The Body You Want” program and find out how Josef can help you change YOUR life, too!

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What did you think about Josef Brandenburg’s approach to helping his clients shed the pounds and get into shape? Discuss your thoughts about this interview in the show notes section of Episode 256. Be sure to check out JosefBrandenburg.com and his program The Body You Want. And if you like low-carb recipe ideas, Josef has a whole bunch of them to share with you in this section of his blog.

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