Possible Solution To The Ongoing Low-Carb Diet Debate Found In 1999 Book

Filed under: Health — @ June 10, 2009

This book may have the solution to the neverending low-carb debate

Over the past year or so, my wife Christine has been to see quite a few doctors to help her deal with chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety attacks, and other such health issues. She’s dealt with a variety of issues that require medical professionals with specific areas of expertise to assist her. So I’ve gotten to know the inside of a whole bunch of doctor’s offices very well.

In the waiting room of these physicians is generally some reading material including current and popular magazines such as Sports Illustrated, People, and Reader’s Digest. But one of these doctors Christine went to see had a book that immediately caught my eye as soon as I saw the title–CLICK HERE to find out about how this book I read in that doctor’s office may have the solution to end the controversy over low-carb diets once and for all.


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