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Filed under: Health — @ June 12, 2009

These 7 new research studies are designed to get your brain in gear

Somebody asked me the other day if I enjoyed science class growing up since I read so many research studies and analyze them for my readers. And the honest answer is absolutely not. In fact, science was my worst subject of all! I enjoyed social studies, English, and math the best and usually made an “A” or “B” in those classes. But science always dogged me and I struggled to get a “B” or “C.” That’s probably why I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English and then a Master’s degree in Public Policy. Science was for the birds–or so I thought!

It’s ironic how much diet, health, and nutrition have to do with science, but it’s true. The research that comes out in study after study either confirms or denies a pre-existing belief people have about a particular subject. While a singular study will probably not change the minds of someone who has strong anecdotal evidence or even other direct scientific evidence to support their dietary philosophy, the new research that comes out in this prestigious publications certainly should give you pause to think about the ramifications of the information that is being shared. And I have seven such new low-carb diet and health research studies to get your brain juices flowing today.

Click here to see brand new studies on low-carb diets, Vitamin D, obesity, food portions and calories that you WON’T want to miss.


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