June Is ‘Obesity Awareness Month’ In South Carolina, But What Are We Doing About It?

Filed under: Health — @ June 16, 2009

‘Eat Smart, Move More SC’ a nice idea but won’t work for fighting obesity

As obesity rates and associated healthcare costs have risen dramatically over the past decade or two, state governments have begun implementing their own strategies for dealing with this problem in ways that they think will be meaningful and effective. In my home state of South Carolina, where obesity has more than doubled since 1990, the governor has declared June Obesity Awareness Month and has set out to educate the public on obesity prevention through a new campaign called Eat Smart Move More SC. Rah rah rah, yeaaaaaaaah! Don’t we all just feel better now?

Click here to find out why I am so pessimistic about this new initiative from one of the most obese states in America today (hint: what do you think “eat smart” REALLY means?).


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