Find The ‘Cure’ For Your Diet And Mood Problems With Julia Ross

Filed under: Health — @ June 30, 2009

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Nutritional psychologist Julia Ross explains why carbs are so addictive

We’ve heard scientific evidence over the past year that carbohydrate-laden foods comprised primarily of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup is much more addictive than cocaine and heroin. That sounds preposterous to people who would retort back “but it’s only food!” And yet, is it? What if we stopped looking at carbohydrates as food but rather in the same way we view those addictive drugs? That’s exactly what my podcast guest today encourages people to do in order to properly understand how to best improve their weight and health.

In Episode 266 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” what a thrill it is to share with you my interview with Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure: The 8-Step Program to Rebalance Your Body Chemistry and End Food Cravings, Weight Problems, and Mood Swings–Now and The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions–Today. She is one of the foremost experts on the carbohydrate connection that is plaguing our diet and mental health in modern times.

Hear Julia discuss the reality of carb addiction, what she would recommend to help Oprah with her weight woes, why even protein distribution throughout the day is essential, the reason why she believes her program is a “cure” for people, the brain chemistry deficiency that people experience, the travails of undereating on thyroid function, the conspiracy to increase the sugar content of breakfast cereals, why low-fat, low-calorie diets are especially dangerous, the lack of balance of essential fatty acids, the fallacy of taking prescription drugs for mood issues, and so much more! This is a classic podcast, so listen from start to finish and soak it all in.

Click here to access this amazing interview with low-carb champion Julia Ross!


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