Low-Carb News And Health Headlines For June 2009

Filed under: In The News — @ July 1, 2009

All the latest and greatest early summer low-carb health headlines

Summertime is in full swing now and the wealth of information about carbohydrate restriction and healthy living hasn’t slowed down a lick. I’ve been letting it pile up for several weeks and now I’m loaded for bear today with a boatload of low-carb news and health headlines for June 2009. As always, feel free to send me any new and notable links to interesting low-carb diet and health stories anytime at livinlowcarbman@charter.net.

Click here for news about a new study on pancreatic cancer, new commentary from Jackie Eberstein, a debate over ASP vs. insulin, a video by Dr. Robert Su about his book Carbohydrates Can Kill, the LDL cholesterol nonsense, a new report called “F As In Fat 2009,” the obesity rates skyrocketing in Indonesia, a “Test Your Carb IQ” quiz, a magazine feature story on fat, a government-sponsored study on Vitamin D and fish oil, casting for Season 9 of “The Biggest Loser,” a study on high-carb foods and their impact on heart health, a 165-pound weight loss on a “hunter-gatherer” diet, a brand new Gary Taubes lecture video with slides, and the new film on real food entitled Food Inc. in theaters now!


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