Dixie Diner vs. Atkins Nutritionals: Possible Trademark Violation Could Lead To Low-Carb Legal Battle

Filed under: Business — @ July 14, 2009

Dixie Diner’s low-fat, low-carb products fit the “Eco-Atkins” diet

Bob Beeley, chairman of Dixie USA Inc. which has manufactured and distributed the Dixie Diner product line for three decades, issued a statement last week to stores selling his products regarding his company’s decision to start using the “Eco-Atkins” term (using that logo you see at the top of this column) on the front packaging of their products to proudly promote their low-fat, low-carb products. He said this is a natural continuation of the work they have been doing since they first started providing a line of low-carb products to the Atkins Nutritionals company a few years back.

“From the beginning, Dixie was the leading supplier to Atkins Nutritionals of lower-fat low carb products. We were proud to have been their largest third-party vendor. Most of the original products were developed by Dixie for Atkins, and continue to be manufactured and sold by Dixie today. But it didn’t stop there. Dixie continues to develop better low carb products. Eco-friendly is a new word for Dixie’s original products. It still applies today,” Beeley stated.

He went on to say that this new research published last month confirms his long-held belief that a vegetarian version of the Atkins diet is much more preferred for people who are on a low-carb diet than the original high-fat version created by Dr. Atkins.

“Based upon the recent studies showing the substantial benefits of vegetarian-based low carb eating, Dixie has adopted (and registered) the moniker “ECO-ATKINS” and will begin using it on many of its low carb products,” Beeley added. “Dixie has been eco-friendly since its beginning more than thirty years ago. We will continue to do so and welcome you as partners in good health, good nutrition, and sustainable agriculture.”

But there’s only one problem for Beeley and Dixie Diner and it’s a pretty major one–the term “Atkins” they are so blatantly using is a registered trademark of Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (ANI) and has been since 1999.

Click here to read more about this developing legal battle over a possible trademark violation by Dixie Diner.


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