Dixie Diner To Atkins Nutritionals: We Meant No Harm Trying To Trademark And Market ‘Eco-Atkins’

Filed under: In The News — @ July 22, 2009

Dixie Diner Founder Bob Beeley denies attempt to trademark “Eco-Atkins”

Developments in the emerging Dixie Diner “Eco-Atkins”-gate scandal that erupted last Tuesday continued today when its founder and chairman took direct aim at my columns exposing his attempt to use the good Atkins name under a perverted term meant only to capitalize on the successful branding created by the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins. You’ll recall I told you about the possible legal ramifications that Tomball, TX-based Dixie Diner would face attempting to trademark the term “Eco-Atkins” and using this in the marketing of their low-fat, low-carb food products as well as the subsequent stern response from Atkins Nutritionals (who was completely unaware of this attempt to trademark “Eco-Atkins” before I told them about it) stating their legal department would be handling this immediately.

Well, it appears the Atkins Nutritionals attorneys laid down the law over the past few days.

Click here to read the full story, including Dixie Diner founder Bob Beeley’s mea culpa backpedaling and cowtowing to Atkins Nutritionals.


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