Rachel Tomkinson: My Baby Was Sick With Eczema Until I Fed Her Saturated Fat

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New Zealand nurse Rachel Tomkinson says fat saved her baby Jenna

Imagine this…you’ve been educated in nursing, nutrition, and personal fitness with all the conventional wisdom that is being taught about the best dietary choices and you believe it because everyone else in your profession is reinforcing the same ideas as truth. But then you have a beautiful baby girl and feed her a “healthy” low-fat, vegetarian-styled, high-carb diet and something really odd begins to happen–you little baby girl develops a severe case of eczema, a series of food allergies, and other perplexing debilitating health conditions that seemingly came out of nowhere. It wasn’t until you start feeding her foods like butter, cream, and other saturated fat-laden foods that her health improves and you realize everything you had been taught about nutrition was wrong. That’s the story you’re gonna hear from my podcast interview guest today.

In Episode 276 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I’m pleased to share with you the infectious energy of Rachel Tomkinson, a New Zealand nurse, personal trainer, and massage therapist who was involved in the health industry through her Better Bods, Better Health business for many years believing saturated fat was bad. But when her baby Jenna developed an ugly case of eczema and other health complications, she started to do research and found that her baby NEEDED to eat fat–especially saturated fat. See the difference in the photos of Jenna for yourself:

Eating fat gave Jenna an incredible turnaround in her health

I first found out about Rachel and Jenna’s story in April 2009 in a New Zealand television story about what she did to cure her baby. Rachel wrote a book about what she learned through this experience entitled Jenna’s Journey and today she has a newfound appreciation for doing her own research on what good nutrition should actually look like. You’ll hear her disdain for conventional wisdom on diet and health and realize she is on a mission to share with the people of New Zealand and around the world the TRUTH about nutrition that comes from saturated fats and proteins. What an AMAZING interview that I am so excited for you to hear!

Click here to listen for yourself about the remarkable change that happened to baby Jenna because of her mother Rachel Tomkinson’s decision to feed her saturated fat.


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