Weight Loss Is So Simple, Just Change Your Eating Habits To Low-Fat And Avoid That ‘Fad’ Low-Carb Diet

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There are some really “interesting” people out there reading my blog

One of the bummers about summer are all of our favorite television shows are on hiatus and you’re pretty much stuck with reruns and lame reality TV. But this year Christine and I found a new summer series on FOX-TV on Friday nights at 8:00PM ET that is absolutely fabulous called Mental. Featuring psychiatric doctors helping patients with various forms of mental illness work through their issues, this show is a gentle reminder that there are people out in the world who deal with a variety of brain-related ailments that could make them unstable.

Take, for example, the following e-mail I received over the weekend from a man who couldn’t wait to share his miracle weight loss plan with me and boy was he excited about it! How do you respond to something like this?


I don’t know if you are bankrolled by a low carbohydrate diet fad company. If you are, then that’s fine and you can stop reading at this point and I understand.

However, if not, I was curious at your obsession with this fad. It encourages lazy people to be even lazier. Carbohydrates are fine as long as you are even mildly active and eat healthy.

Case in point:

Just recently (May 2009-June 2009) I dropped 55 pounds. The first 10 pounds in less than 3 days, 40 pounds in less than 4 weeks, and 55 pounds (and counting) in a grand total of a WHOPPING (watch out now…) SIX WEEKS!

“How how how? Drugs? Surgery? Excercise?”, most all people ask me.

Then I give the answer (and watch their mostly disheartened reactions):

Changed eating habits. Period. No gym, no extra exercise than normal daily errands, no trendy fad diets, etc.

It actually started a little before this time, not the weight loss but the eating habits. Cut out all booze in April, started eating around one salad a day (bright green, not as healthy as I eat now in the dark greens).

Then, it escalated. Cut out almost all sugars, all restaurant food minus a little Del Taco now and then (just their red or green burrito & chicken soft taco), then to mostly organic foods, and at the request of a doctor, started eating a very small breakfast daily for the first time in over a decade.

As I progressed, I was not as hungry as before nor had the desire to eat as much, and meat has almost become foreign to me. Also, soy and rice milk is what I use instead of cow milk 99% of the time, and I take a combination of supplements (multi-vitamin, fruits, herbs, etc) as well as my bottles of pure goji juice just came in the mail last week.

I do every once and a while snack on a piece of candy here and there.

The other almost amazing thing is that I grew up not eating healthy, nor have ever really watched my weight, and since adulthood have fluctuated from 160 to 230 pounds at one point or another. I have not been a big fan of food for years now, as it has a slowing effect on me (much more so before when I ate junk).

Right before I started my new eating habits (influenced by a very close friend), I was the type to order the large medium–rare steak, cow milk with my cereal, eating at all different times of the day, cheeseburgers, and boozing it up a couple of times a week. Got fed up with looking at my double chin in the mirror, back problems (which have all but vanished), and loathed being sluggish at times and sleeping too much.

My point is that not only did I drop a decent amount in a shorter time than almost all other humans do, but I still sometimes eat breads, bagels, spaghetti, cereal, etc. proportionate to my activities. Carbohydrates do not make people obese and fat, inactivity and the AMOUNT that they eat and also I understand that genetics play a factor too. I am intelligent enough to weigh the genetics factor, HOWEVER,
would offer people the simplest solution: change your diet.

Fast food, most meats, and booze are now like poison to me. Even if I eat too much at a meal, I get VERY sluggish and fall asleep. I had energy before, now it is off the charts and people can’t understand it. Most humans complain and whine about working EIGHT hours a day, I laugh at this as I am self-employed and regularly and almost every day “work” TWENTY hours in the day on average over the course of the week (some days are short naps, and when my body needs it, it makes me sleep 8 or 9 hours sometimes, of which I get upset but accept).

Besides the back pain clearing up and the energy boost, I have dropped 6 inches (36 to 30, and I can fit into 28 even when I find pants that a man can use, the crotch area being way too snug) off my waist (tried to get a tailor to alter some pairs of dress pants, she took one look and said in her accent, “not possible!”), and the passport authority worker had to do multiple glances between my drivers license (fat pic) and my newly taken passport picture to believe it was really me.

I have given away 97% of the fat clothes that I had and my shoes are not fitting so
well anymore either, as I assume dropping weight affects shoe size a little, but for now I wear 2 pairs of socks and that seems to solve it until I buy new pairs. Re-purchasing an entire wardrobe, and in my case multiple sports coats, shoes, is VERY pricey and a lengthy process. Some people that lose weight do not factor this in, and if there had to be an issue and this is the one, then so be it! Also, trimming down and drilling new holes in ALL of my belts so they can function as intended.

My point is this: again, if you are on salary with scamkins or any other fad diet, then disregard my lambasting and carry on with your job. If not, consider cluing fat people in on my “secret”, which I will henceforth call the “change your diet and maybe get off of your fat butt cheeks fast track to lower weight quickly & simply” diet plan. You may be surprised at how the TRUTH, in it’s raw form, can and will motivate human oinkers into at least attempting to feel and look better. Enjoy.

P.S. I am male, early 30s, 5 foot 8 and currently 155 pounds (down from 210 pounds in May 2009), and have been considering getting a gym membership as to feel even better and rid myself of the ‘deflated balloon’ skin that slightly hangs off my otherwise flat stomach. I do have muscle mass, so the lowest I am considering is 142 pounds or so.

See what what I mean? Click here to read my response to this fella who thinks he has all the answers to obesity in America.


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