What’s The Deal With Dreamfields Pasta? Is It REALLY Low-Carb?

Filed under: Business — @ August 6, 2009

Is Dreamfields pasta really low-carb? Your questions answered today.

Have you tried the Dreamfields pasta promoted as a low-carb alternative yet? If so, then you have very likely been impressed by how delicious it is and might be wondering if it is truly low-carb or not. More than just about any other low-carb product out there except for maybe Atkins bars, doubts about the veracity of Dreamfields pasta’s claim of being low-carb have been floating around out there in the low-carb community. To that end, I have been working hard to get someone from the company to appear on my podcast show to share more about this pasta and today we have the head honcho himself to explain what sets Dreamfields apart.

In Episode 277 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Dreamfields Pasta President Mike Crowley about the founding of his company, what is different about Dreamfields pasta compared with conventional pasta and even other low-carb pastas, the unique way Dreamfields products are created to make “protected carbohydrates,” the fiber/protein blend used to make Dreamfields, the noticeable complexity of the Dreamfields pasta matrix compared with typical pasta, why you don’t want to overcook the Dreamfields pasta, why Dreamfields doesn’t make a spaghetti sauce, some of the new rice and other products that are in the works with Dreamfields, why you need to be careful about eating too much Dreamfields, where you can find the Dreamfields products, and so much more! If you have ANY questions about the Dreamfields low-carb pasta products then don’t miss this interview with Dreamfields President Mike Crowley!

Click here to listen to my one-on-one interview with Mike Crowley about the Dreamfields pasta brand.


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