Ontario Optometrist Implores Canadian Government To Consider Low-Carb For Diabetes

Filed under: Health — @ August 19, 2009

An encounter with Canadian Minister Of Health Promotion Margarett R. Best

I’ve always maintained that any major changes that are going to happen with the low-fat dietary recommendations in the United States and in other industrialized countries around the world is going to have to happen at the grassroots level first from concerned citizens and medical professionals who say enough is enough with the same old failed methods for weight loss and disease control. We have already seen it happening in the nation of Sweden the past couple of years and now it seems to be moving to North America–in Canada!

Ontario-based optometrist Dr. Jim Bjork, a carbohydrate-restriction advocate out of necessity because of his Type 2 diabetes, has corresponded with various people in positions of power over health and nutrition policy in recent months. He shared quite a bit of information with the Canadian Diabetes Association, including links to web sites like mine to show them there are alternatives to the high-carb, low-fat diet they are promoting for diabetics.

Click here to read the dismissive e-mail Dr. Bjork received from the CDA as well as a well-written letter he wrote to the Minister of Health Promotion Margarett R. Best.


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