Maverick Marion Urichich And His ‘One In A Hundred Million’ Life

Filed under: Health — @ August 20, 2009

Lifelong rebel Marion Urichich is certainly “One In A Hundred Million”

We’ve all met people who would properly be described as mavericks–they buck the trend, walk to the beat of a different drummer, do whatever pleases them no matter what the consequences, and just seize every moment of life. Some look at people like this and turn their nose up thinking of how much they waste their lives. But others admire these countercultural rebels for their tenacity to get every drop out of life. Today we have one such maverick as a podcast guest that I’m sure you’re gonna love.

In Episode 281 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from 81-year old Marion Urichich, author of One in a Hundred Million: The Life and Times of Marion Urichich who has been through so many extraordinary events in his life. Electrocuted. Shooting par on the first hole he played golf. Stung by a stingray. Run over by a bulldozer. Most people only experience a few of these kind of events in their life, but for Marion it was a common occurrence. Listen to him tell the stories he has lived through, rail against the pharmaceutical industry, talk about how he stays healthy in his 80s, the diet he uses to maintain his health, and his overall views on health and life. He’s most certainly one-of-a-kind! ENJOY!

Click here to listen to my interview with the rebel himself Marion Urichich!


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