Health Care Reform: Do We Need The Government To Fix It Or Is The Individual’s Responsibility?

Filed under: In The News — @ September 2, 2009

The debate over U.S. health care reform is hot right now, but is it necessary?

The battle over the best way to reform the health care system is arguably the most talked-about issue in America today. We can all agree that there are certainly a fair share of problems associated with the way things are being done in how health is insured, managed, and implemented in the United States right now, but what is the best solution? While lawmakers in Washington, DC debate the merits of a government-run health care system versus granting tax incentives to employers to help make it happen for those millions who are uninsured, I think there is a vital and arguably more important tertiary element to this conversation that is not being articulated all by any of the major health leaders of our day. What I’m talking about is preventative medicine through natural nutritional remedies that have been shown in scientific studies to improve most of the most costly and deadly diseases of our day!

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