‘Healing Gourmet’ CEO Kelley Herring: Food Will Either Heal Or Poison Your Body

Filed under: Business,Health — @ September 21, 2009

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Kelly Herring realizes food can be a medicine or poison for your body

How many people are walking around and don’t have a clue about the impact of food on their body? Unfortunately, too many people believe that if a food tastes good, then it cannot be healthy. But in this day and age of advancements in cooking ingredients and techniques, that’s just not true anymore. Finding low-glycemic load foods and implementing these nutrient-dense foods into your diet is essential to producing weight and health control in anyone who is willing to try it. Today’s podcast guest specializes in delicious foods that are super-healthy that power-up your body and control blood sugar levels.

In Episode 289 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Kelley Herring, founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet and the author of a seven-book health series called Your Plate Your Fate. Additionally, she runs a company called Wellness Bakeries that offers scrumptious healthy low-carb foods and recipes that fit your palate. Kelley understands the food/body connection quite well and encourages people to find better choices rather than continuing to shovel in the garbage day after day. Switch out the sugar for erythritol and stevia blends like Truvia and substitute almond or coconut flour for the white flour to significantly lower the glycemic load, calories, and of course the carbohydrates. Most people can’t tell the difference between these low-sugar treats and the full-sugar versions. What an enthusiastic advocate of healthy low-carb and low-sugar living and I hope you are encouraged by what you hear from Kelley today.

Click here to hear my one-on-one interview with The Healing Gourmet Founder and CEO Kelley Herring.


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