Andrea Albright: Food Scientists Creating Concoctions To Addict People

Filed under: Podcast — @ October 1, 2009

The ‘Mother of Spiritual Weight Loss’ Andrea Albright encourages your soul

Most of the weight loss industry tends to focus on some aspect of your diet and/or fitness routine in order to get your calories at a proper level to help you lose weight. Those are physical needs, but what about the emotional, psychological/mental, and spiritual components that are just as important vital in the overall health equation? Not enough people are talking about these kinds of things, but I found someone on YouTube who is doing this exact thing. And she’s my podcast interview guest today!

In Episode 293 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from yoga instructor and nutrition educator Andrea Albright who has a very popular YouTube series following her amazing weight loss success. She owns a company called Amazing Body Now which offers up a FREE e-newsletter to anyone who signs up. You’ll hear her discuss a myriad of issues like the emotional connection to weight loss, why sugar addiction is very real and is nothing more than crack cocaine, how people sabotage their diet, the healthy benefits of doing yoga, the fat-storing impact of stress and hormone release, the superiority of eating real whole foods, how the food scientists are paid to make products look and taste as good as possible without the consequences to health, recognizing and getting rid of food allergies, and so much more! It’s difficult not to get excited about healthy living after listening to Andrea Albright, so feed off her energy to reach your own personal goals.


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